What We Offer

Whether your business is in start-up mode or evolution, we help launch you to the next level

Business Planning & Development

Strategy: How do you do business? We are strategic planners first and foremost. We help map out the framework of your business and identify gaps. We then provide you with a manageable agenda and collaborate to execute it.

Financial planning: Have to pitch your business to the bank or agency? We are business bankers and know that busy owners are often concerned about working in their business rather than on their business.  Business plans and financial forecasts can be tedious and time consuming. We help you craft a dynamic document and write it in a language that lenders understand.

Change Management & Organizational Development: With planning comes change. We work to establish your key people and communicate the evolution of your business to create an engaged culture. We support recruiting and on-boarding and can help shape or manage your sales force with ongoing support until they are established.


Marketing & Sales Strategy

Brand Identity: We focus on your company’s vision, mission and core values to provide effective messaging externally and internally. We collaborate with incredibly gifted web developers and graphic designers to ensure consistency and impact with logo and web design.

Planning & Promotion:  Inside of every business plan is a strategic marketing plan. We work with you to execute a time sensitive launch phase and ongoing marketing calendar with online and offline activities to ensure your business is getting the attention of your target audience.

Sales Management: With over 20 years of combined leadership in multiple business sectors, we can help recruit & develop your sales force with key activities that focus on retention and ROI.


Communications & Public Relations

Business Writing & Correspondence: We give your business an engaging and professional voice for all communication including Business plans, proposals, quality web content and advertising.  We can also manage your client correspondence when your internal resources are at capacity.

Social Media & Community Engagement: We can set up your social media accounts and can keep your audience engaged with blog updates and posts that correspond with your company’s Brand. We can collaborate with your current web provider, or introduce you to one!

Events & Facilitation: If you throw a party, they will come. We plan open houses and events to introduce your company to people you want to do business with. Are you shy? We are adept at public speaking and can facilitate or present at important meetings or strategic presentations. (Formal or casual, we clean up nicely.)