What We Do

Strategy & Planning

  1. Business Intelligence (BI)

    We conduct formal research to collect and analyse data that provides concrete information and drives smart business decisions. We use BI tools and methodologies to analyze customer behaviour, help manage costs, mitigate risk, improve efficiency, and understand relationships.

  2. Business Planning

    We help small business owners write and refine their business plans for multiple audiences including lenders. We help companies with strategic planning and chart a course for reaching organizational goals.

  3. Market Expansion

    We explore opportunities and position businesses to grow into new markets and expand their customer base. We work with partnering agencies to help businesses with export and development.

  4. Sales Strategy

    We develop a road map to selling through an understanding of your business’s goals and target market. Our sales strategies increase leads, find new ways to reach your target market, reduce selling costs and improve the client experience.

  5. Exit Strategy

    Knowing when to quit is critical. People exit their business for many reasons. From leaving a legacy to throwing in the towel on a business that may no longer be viable, we’ll help you objectively map that out.

  6. Intellectual Property (IP)

    We help you to develop and protect proprietary information, products and processes. IP strengthens the value of your company.

People & Organization

  1. Company Culture

    We help companies define their purpose, speak a common language, share values and standards.

  2. Team Roles & Structure

    Having clearly defined roles and organizational structure promotes efficient hiring, employee onboarding, teamwork and accountability. We help map out your organization.

  3. Training & Development

    We can facilitate workplace training, and run effective workshops that build skills and capabilities for teams in sales & marketing, customer service and people management.

  4. Performance Management

    We help you set goals for your team and put systems in place to manage and reward performance including having difficult conversations.

  5. Succession Planning

    We help organizations and businesses identify and develop internal people with the potential to fill key positions in the company. Creating a culture of workplace opportunity helps retain talent.

  6. Managing Change

    People hate change. We prepare, support and help individuals, teams, and organizations in communicating and rolling out organizational change. Effective change management saves time, money and fosters a healthy company culture. 

  7. Meeting Facilitation

    You have a problem that needs to be solved, or items to present that require acceptance and commitment. We work with decision makers in an organization to improve communication and get things done. We can represent your group as meeting facilitator to ensure that agendas are followed and all voices are heard.

Operations & Management

  1. Process Development

    We help establish steps and create tools to make your day to day operations run smoother.

  2. Implementation & Facilitation

    We help get things done. After action items are agreed upon, we will step in where appropriate to help individuals, teams and organizations roll out their operations.

  3. Financial Planning

    Knowing the numbers helps business understand their bottom line. We work with businesses to plan pricing, understand profitability and set financial targets. We collaborate with Accountants and introduce entrepreneurs to financial advisers where needed. We have 10 years of small business and commercial finance banking experience.

  4. Fractional CEO

    We have the expertise to step into your business temporarily/part-time, in both an advisory and implementation capacity. A fractional CEO gives business owners the opportunity to ‘rent’ instead of hire management expertise to achieve specific goals with no long-term commitment. It allows founders to enlist support, or step away from their business when needed.

  5. Project Management

    We manage projects with focused goals, clear communication, and timely execution. We have proven success collaborating with key stakeholders, launching projects and demonstrating excellent management practices with projects funded by grants and alternate sources of funding.

  6. Digital Ecosystem

    We help businesses live and thrive in the digital world.  From understanding how to monetize your digital presence to understanding your customer journey, we’ll create workflow efficiencies through digital analysis, platform integration and automation. We create front-end assets and make smart use of back-end data to ensure a strong digital presence. 

Marketing & Media

  1. Brand Identity

    Your business’s look and personality make up its brand identity. We help ensure your brand is instantly recognizable and is consistent everywhere that it’s seen and heard.

  2. Pricing & Positioning

    We help businesses understand the value of their service or product and set pricing based on market segments, market conditions, the competition and financials.

  3. Client Experience

    We help you attract customers and build their loyalty. And we do this by mapping out the end to end client experience with your product, service or organization. We’ll evaluate how your customers do business with you and provide your business with the tools and training to deliver an exceptional experience. 

  4. Communications & PR

    We help individuals and organizations build mutually beneficial relationships both internally, and with the public. We work strategically to get your message across and provide support in general business correspondence.

  5. Advertising

    We create, manage and report on campaigns. We know how to reach your customers. Each advertising campaign needs a different strategy (that isn’t “spray and pray”) in order to be effective and needs to have ways of evaluating success built in. We get results.

  6. Research & Analytics

    We conduct formal research on the internal and external factors affecting your business. We take this research and data obtained through analytics tools and techniques to make sense of it and answer “what does this mean”. We uncover insights that drive business forward.

  7. Video & Photography

    Your business has a story and we can tell it. We have a dedicated media team to direct and produce compelling visual content that connects people to your brand.

  8. Creative Direction

    We are big thinkers. We oversee the creative process with a business mindset and bold vision. We are great at inventing new ideas for branding, advertising campaigns and marketing messages. We work with our in house creative team or collaboratively with yours.