What are you saying? – taking stock of communication in business marketing

Many moons ago I was working in film and television – commercial acting to be exact. It was a means to an end for tuition expenses. Lunch was provided; checks were cut at the end of the day. That was good enough to keep me from my anxiety of waiting tables for the suits in the financial district. (Which one day I would later become…)

My real memory from that time wasn’t about the schlepping to auditions or the hype of the camera (if you got the part) – it was the message of the marketing at the time that taught me so much about the psychology of how companies advertised to the masses. The planning that went into the visual of the brand and scripting of the sales pitch.

What I heard at the director’s prep sessions for our commercial auditions was: “Folks, remember, life is good- but our product/service makes it better!” It was the idea that we were to come to the table already presenting a positive vibe and then somehow fire up with further enthusiasm at how using this product or that service was going to make life easier, improved, and exciting.

It supported the idea that people are empowered and interested in doing business when their virtues are leveraged. Even simpler; people buy what they like. Taking this sentiment seriously into business development practices is a part of how we do business now. We focus on how to take a good thing and make it better with a fresh voice, innovative idea or an executable plan.

Who is the voice of your company and what is it saying? What message are you conveying? Where are you targeting your prospective clients? How does the voice of your business resonate in your industry? Better yet; are you likeable?

Whether external marketing or internal development; Launch & Prosper thrives on creating clear positive messaging and a strong and approachable voice for our clients.

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