Time to hit the reset button

Who is fighting the holiday hangover with a serious dose of ambition?
Let’s face it, we all to a degree make our personal resolutions at New Year’s.
It is a time to start over. A new year – new beginnings, new ideas… all the metaphors you can muster feed this need to hit the reset button. And we do. We give ourselves permission to reset, recharge, refresh. And off we go. A new year. A new start.

What about our business lives? For some, it is a new fiscal year and for others it may be just another quarter of planning and achieving goals. Whatever time it is for your business, that energy out there begs you to restart the clock and refresh your momentum. It’s a perfect time to hash out ideas and business objectives.

Do it now. Hit the reset button on your business clock and get going
while you are still motivated enough to be at the gym 4 days a week.

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