Thoughts on failure

Let’s redefine failure.

Surely, one could Google their way through pages of quotes and images on the subject. Nobody wants to talk about it; but every CEO, manager and entrepreneur has experienced failure, or fear of failure and the exhaustion and lack of morale/enthusiasm that ensues.

What is failure to you? Is it the fear your executive team will challenge your ability to lead? Is it your team not meeting key performance indicators? Is it the drop in earnings per share on your annual report or the negative net income on your financial statements? Have you experienced the feeling of personal failure on a large deal you’ve negotiated for months falling through at the last minute?

Or… is it the feeling of having limited direction and inadequate support to focus on the enterprise you are trying to launch? Have you started a business that never really took off or sadly failed? Have you spent time spinning your wheels with little to no profit?
What have you done about it? More importantly; what are you doing about it? We want to help you stay in the game.