Request for Quote – Videography & Editing

We are seeking content creators for videography and editing on behalf of a client and for future collaboration. Check out the link below to the PDF version of the RFQ and reach out to connect.   RFQ_ Videography & Editing

Time to hit the reset button

Who is fighting the holiday hangover with a serious dose of ambition? Let’s face it, we all to a degree make our personal resolutions at New Year’s. It is a time to start over. A new year – new beginnings, new ideas… all the metaphors you can muster feed this need to hit the reset button. And we do. We give ourselves permission to reset, recharge, refresh. And off we go. A new year. A new start. What about our […]

When it’s broke and you don’t fix it: The lesson my cell phone taught me.

CONFESSION It is time to humbly confess that my cell phone that has not worked properly for the last few weeks. Don’t get me wrong; it works…just…fine. Except when I am unable to pick up an important call because the screen response is dead in various locations – including the area where the phone icon appears when it rings. It is also frustrating not being able to quietly text or type an email on the go. My touchscreen keypad has conveniently […]

The Role of the Business Development Consultant

“We need to figure out where to start.” “We need to change something” “I’m too busy to really look at my business, but I know I need to.” “Ha! I don’t have time to write a business plan” If you’ve asked yourself any of the above; you will want the benefit of a Business Development Consultant.  Most often, entrepreneurs tend to be independent risk-takers and do not ask for help when they need it. It is true- YOU are at […]

Thoughts on failure

Let’s redefine failure. Surely, one could Google their way through pages of quotes and images on the subject. Nobody wants to talk about it; but every CEO, manager and entrepreneur has experienced failure, or fear of failure and the exhaustion and lack of morale/enthusiasm that ensues. What is failure to you? Is it the fear your executive team will challenge your ability to lead? Is it your team not meeting key performance indicators? Is it the drop in earnings per […]

What are you saying? – taking stock of communication in business marketing

Many moons ago I was working in film and television – commercial acting to be exact. It was a means to an end for tuition expenses. Lunch was provided; checks were cut at the end of the day. That was good enough to keep me from my anxiety of waiting tables for the suits in the financial district. (Which one day I would later become…) My real memory from that time wasn’t about the schlepping to auditions or the hype […]